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Description of Battery Calibration

With the use of Battery Calibration – the most popular battery calibration application – you can extend your phone’s uptime and its battery’s lifespan all at once.

With the use of Battery Calibration you can extend your battery’s life and your phone’s charge level in 4 simple steps:

1. If your phone/tablet battery is dying connect it to a charger.

2. It’s worth it – but not necessary – to charge your device until the value shown by Battery Calibration is 100%. However, you can start the calibration with a lower charge level. (Battery Calibration gives you constant updates about how your charge level is doing.)

3. Begin the calibration: the app can extend your phone’s standby time and you can use your phone for a longer time with only one charging.

4. Wait until Battery Calibration is done calibrating, then disconnect your device from the charger and use for a longer time.


In Battery Calibration 3.0 you can find games now. While you are waiting for the calibration feel free to play with one of our built in games. Playing will not affect the quality of the calibration. (Games in Battery Calibration can be played at any time, not just while calibrating.)

It’s a novelty that Battery Calibration assesses the status of your battery and based on the data you received shows you exactly where you stand in the world rankings. (The more you calibrate and improve your battery’s condition the higher you will rank.) You can save the data for later and view it on a diagram. Thus you can keep track of what state your battery has been in and how much it has improved by using the app.

Battery Calibration 3.0 “learns” your phone’s strengths and weaknesses (by monitoring usage habits and battery status) and helps you optimize calibration. It decides when and how frequently to calibrate in order to bring the most out of your phone and its battery.

The new version of Battery Calibration 3.0 contains new themes, colors and other novelties. For example, our new version can be used without a root. On both phones and tablets calibration can extend uptime and protect your battery.

Battery Calibration 3.0 now recognizes your phone and considers its needs when completing the calibration and extending the lifespan of your battery. During calibration you can play, request calibration optimization, or if you like you can keep track of your place in the world rankings.

- you’re still using an older version

- you’re dissatisfied with your phone’s uptime (battery drains quickly)

- you’d like to extend your battery life

- your operating system has just been refreshed

- you’re testing a custom ROM

- you want to stay up to date on the REAL figures

- you want to know the battery's true voltage and the exact charge level

Download Battery Calibration now and extend the life of your phone’s battery, charge your phone or tablet to the max, and calibrate when needed.

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Your use of Battery Calibration is free of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when you are not using your device. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS for further information.

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